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What is the Best Christmas Song?

A few people have asked me why I haven’t written a new article about the tropics. You may have noticed that others have said “this is going to happen” or “that is going to happen.” =) I tend to focus on those events that I feel are likely to happen, or would be of interest to our users rather than just writing something with the intention of filling empty space! =) read more

NAM Says Snow, Is It So? =)

I was playing around with some of our HAMmodels this morning before church, and came across an astonishing site! My actual goal was to decide if I want to make precipitation forecasts for snow and rain as partial transparencies so they can be overlain onto topographic maps similar to what I do for our HAMrad II products. read more

Will Kyle Kill Kenny?

Kyle is wandering around in the western Atlantic trying to get his bearings. I just can’t bring myself to get excited about it, but I did promise some updated forecast precipitation graphics! I will insert them at the end of the post. read more

Radar Videos, Hail of a Time!

The thunderstorms mentioned in a prior post have dropped some respectable hail, and a hail streak according to one warning issued by the NWS office in Deluth, MN. read more

Thunderstorm Watch Active for Northern Minnesota

The SPC has issued a thunderstorm watch ( view active warnings | view radar with warnings overlay ) for northern Minnesota active until 10pm central daylight time. This watch was issued directly in the path of the slight risk area outlined for their convective outlook. read more

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