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More Severe Weather


Yesterday, we saw 5 tornadoes across parts of IA, KS and NE.   Click the video above to see a brief tornado touchdown and good video of what a wall cloud looks like.


You can see the tornado reports as red dots.   Here are the SPC reports:



Look for more severe weather this Friday Afternoon across parts of IA, AR and MO.   Check out SPC’s tornado outlook for later today:


I believe the big ticket item for the weekend will be the heavy rain for the Kentucky Derby….. Not sure which contender is a mudder, (a horse that runs well in the mud) but look for a sloppy race track.  Could be a record breaker for the Derby too.   Their highest rainfall was 2.3″ in 1918, but this year, they could pick up 2 to 4 inches.   I know they will run in the race… but they will not run if there is any lightning… which there may be come Saturday.

WeatherNation Meteorologist Jonathan Conder

Singin’ The Blues

Have you ever had wet barbecue?  I haven’t either but the folks in Memphis may have to acquire a taste for it as shower and thunderstorms threaten opening day of one of the biggest festivals the mid-south has to offer.  Memphis in May starts this Friday and runs throughout the month of May. From the Beale Street Music Festival to the 2010 World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest, this enormous event contributes to the economic growth of the community, fosters civic pride, promotes awareness of Memphis heritage and builds international relationships – while at the same time giving the hundreds of thousands of people that come from all over the country to visit, a darn fun time!
If you’ve never been to Memphis, add that on your list of places to visit – Graceland, Mud Island, all kinds of profession sporting teams – there is something for everyone and there’s never a bad time to be there.
However, If you’re going to be down on the river this weekend, take an umbrella.  The folks down on Beale Street may be singin’ in the rain.

Memphis in MayLaura Huckabee / Meteorologist

Another Big Storm

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone, hope all is going well. Take a look at the big storm rolling through the west right now. This is a look at the 500mb Vorticity Chart, which tells us how much spin there is in the atmosphere.

500mb Vort1

As the pressure gradient tightens around the base of the storm, the atmosphere begins to work harder to compensate for the extreme difference in pressure; gusty winds are a result. Take a look at the High Wind Warnings/Advisories posted in the Southwest. Winds here are gusting to near hurricane force!

High Winds

In fact, so strong that damage reports have been coming in all over the place, including the Las Vegas Strip. The Mirage Hotel will need to make some repairs to their sign on Las Vegas Blvd. – see for yourself:

Wind Damage Vegas

It also must have been trash day in Vegas…

Wind Damage Trash Cans

Again, this storm will move into the Plains and Dopplers to light up Thursday and Friday:

Thursdsay storms

That’s for all for now folks, thanks for checking in – check back tomorrow for the latest and greatest weather information and factoids. Have a good Wednesday

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

A Beautiful Bouquet

If the old saying holds true, and April showers bring May flowers – then the whole country should be in bloom by noon!
Ya know, I have heard that saying and USED that saying for as long as I can remember and as I was just about to say it on the air the other day I thought to myself, “how in the world did that saying get started?”  So like everyone else in the computerize free world…I googled it.
Interesting, I found that the saying is a very old English proverb meaning good things come tomorrow from unpleasant circumstances today.
I thought it had to originate from some monumental meteorological event causing an incredible botanical happening. ;-)
Nevertheless, enjoy the sunshine in the twin cities while you can, the flower growing enhancer is back this weekend.  Have a great day.
Gerbera Daisies 2
Laura Huckabee / Meteorologist

Severe Spring Saturday

JR_BLOG1The first high risk for severe storms was issued yesterday for folks in Alabama, Mississippi and parts of Tennessee and that risk became reality those folks.  Here’s a look at the storm reports from yesterday, April 24th.    The red circles indicate where tornadoes and funnel clouds were reported, there were more than 80 preliminary reports.  There were fatalities from these tornadoes, so far officials have only confirmed 10 deaths, including 2 children, but that number could rise.  One thing you’ll notice is that several of the tornado reports in Mississippi and even in Alabama appear to be in a straight line.  The reason behind this:  there was one large supercell that continued to produce tornadoes, the path of this cell was more than 150 miles long.  Keep in mind, these aren’t official tornado touchdowns, the National Weather Service is out today doing damage assesments and will come out with an official report of tornadoes as well as their strength.  Now from the look of the damage in Yazoo City in Mississippi, we could be talking about an EF-3 tornado or even an EF-4 simply by looking at the structural damage.  Which means wind speeds may have been in the 150-200 miles per hour range! Here’s a look at some of the damage in Yazoo City, Mississippi: JR_Blog3

If you click on the picture, it will take you to a youtube video and will show even more damage.  But you can see just in this shot that this building was completely flattened.  Similar images can be seen all around Yazoo City, more than 20 homes were reported as “flattened”. Looking at some of the other reports: the yellow circles are high wind reports, there were 239 reports; 212 reports of hail larger than one inch in diameter.  A very busy day yesterday, just as anticipated and mild weather works in where most of these storm reports are.

But we’re not out of the woods just yet when it comes to severe weather.  Today we’re not expecting an outbreak like we had yesterday, but severe weather is going to be possible from this potent system.  Take a look at where we’re expecting severe weather today – not talking about a extreme breakout of severe weather, but a good shot for some large hail and strong wind gusts.  JR_Blog2

Very good potential for hailstones to drop in eastern Ohio, and West Virginia.  Keep your eyes to the skies if you live in the risk area, stay tuned to the forecast as well, especially if you are going to venture outdoors – maybe a better day to stay inside and have a lazy Sunday watching movies.

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