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Severe Weather Outbreak

A system moving over the Ohio River Valley triggered a massive severe weather outbreak stretching from Iowa through Ohio.  So far there have been 38 preliminary reports of tornados (this doesn’t necessarily mean that there were 38 separate tornados but it just goes to show how intense this system was and still is).  Today the main threat for severe weather has shifted in to the Northeast.  There are tornado watches issued for densely populated areas such as New York City and Washington DC.  These storms have a history of producing numerous tornados.  Here are some of the images of the devestation and the storm itself:



These two photos are from Peoria, IL.  There was a signifiant amount of property damage in the Elmwood, IL during just a 2 hour period on Saturday night.  

Check out these videos of the storms.  A few chasers caught some footage of the actual tornados:

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