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A Slumbering Sun Awakes?

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone hope all is well. Take a look at some of these images, they’re out of this world, literally!

After a very quiet solar period, the sun is beginning to wake up, see the full article here:

Also, here is more on the past Solar Minimum:

Sunspot Cycle

An Active Sun Causes Problems?

An active sun can cause in increase in Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights/Southern Light) but it can also cause some major problems for us here on earth. Find out how the sun brought darkness to a Canadian Province in 1989, here:


One indicator of an active sun is a sunspot. The latest 2010 numbers show that there have only been 33 days this year without a sunspot. Compare that with the 260 days without a sunspot in 2009.

Latest Sunspot Disappears

Sun image1

New NASA SDO Satellite Captures Explosion on the Sun:

See movie here:

See Full Story Here:


Deep Impact Jupiter Style

Amateur astronomer captures an unknown object impacting Jupiter At exactly 20:31 UT (Universal Time) on June 3, 2010

see full story here:

See the SHORT movie here:

Jupiter Impact

Nightly June Comet Visible

Newcomer to our inner solar system, Comet McNaught will be visible during June dawn. See full story here:


Hope you enjoyed the blog today, more coming at you tomorrow – see you then!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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