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Dangerous Blizzard for the Northeast

Hope you are having a good Sunday so far. We are busy tracking a major winter storm heading toward New England for today and tomorrow — along with the models hinting a major snow/ice storm for the upper Midwest in time for the new year.

Blizzard in New England

We have a major winter storm is aiming for the northeast that will impact many of the big cities as we go throughout our day today and Monday. Already this morning we are watching snow start to move its way into New Jersey, and the system is deepening — which will help bring the heavy snows and strong winds to the area. Travel will almost be impossible over the next couple days — the roads will be a mess and planes will be grounded throughout the storm. A few states have already declared a “State of Emergency,” and officials are preparing for thousands of stranded holiday travels — not only in the northeast but those who will be stranded around the nation in airports. From the track of this low, we expect the heaviest snow to fall this afternoon and evening in the New York City area, and overnight in the Boston area. This evening we also expect the winds to ramp up out of the northwest sustained up to 35 mph with gusts 45-50 possible, creating white out conditions long after the main snowfall ends early Monday across the area. Along with thousands of likely air cancellations, we will also have to watch the powerlines, as a combo of both the heavy snow and strong winds could bring numerous power outages across the area. If you’re a football fan, you might want to watch some of the games out of the northeast this afternoon, especially the Sunday Night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings as we expect full-on blizzard conditions likely by that point. The NFL has even stated they are considering postponing the game due to the weather. This will be the third game in a row that the Vikings have played in that has somehow been affected by weather — they cannot catch a break this year.

How much snow could areas see? This is just one model prediction of the event, and in some areas I think it is over stretching the amounts of snow. I do expect 6-12″ for Philadelphia, 10-20″ for the New York City area, and 12-24″ for the Boston area. If you’re in Cape Cod, you’ll escape most of the snow, picking up between 3-9″ of snow because you are close enough to the low to miss out on the heavy bands, but expect the wind throughout the northeast in the next couple days. Back in Washington DC, you might be just a little too far west to be impacted by the heaviest amounts as well, but we would expect 3-9″ here as well.

Again, travel will be very difficult over the next few days in the northeast. Give yourself plenty of extra time if you must travel, but it is advised that you don’t travel at all. After we get past Monday the situation should settle down a little bit, so try to plan any travel you have for then — whether it be rescheduling flights or getting any shopping for New Years done.

New Years Storm???

Speaking of the New Year, we are watching the models closely as another major storm could ramp up in time for 2011, this time in the Midwest. While it is a few days out still, the models have been pretty consistent on this storm for a few days now. This storm looks like it could bring an icy mix to parts of Minnesota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin — meanwhile bringing heavy snow in North Dakota along with northern and western Minnesota, and some heavier rains for eastern Iowa, southeast Minnesota, and a chunk of Wisconsin — from Thursday through Saturday. The graphic above is for noon on New Years Eve, as the system moves through the upper Midwest. I’ve highlighted the 0 degree line in a red box — this would be approximately be 32 degrees Fahrenheit at the surface, and the likely area of an icy mix. As you can see, its right over the state of Minnesota, leading to that icy chance. Below is a graphic from the National Weather Service office in the Twin Cities showing what they think will happen across a good portion of Minnesota from the storm.

Cold England

Sure, it’s been cold across much of the United States this month, with temps dipping into the 20s for lows in Florida — even some sleet, rain, and snow being reported in Jacksonville FL earlier this morning from the same storm system affecting the northeast. But even England is cold — some areas set record lows on Christmas! More from the Daily Mail here.

We’ll keep an eye on both storm systens as we head through the next couple days — so stick here for the latest updates!

D.J. Kayser for WeatherNation
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