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Another Big Northeast Snowstorm

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone – today is January 11, 2011 or 1/11/11 – nothing too impressive about it… just thought I’d mention it :)

Another Big Snow Event for the Northeast

It wasn’t long ago – New Englanders were dealing with Blizzard conditions and 20″ to 30″ of snow. Another strong low pressure system is developing and will bring another 12″ + to some folks near New York/Boston.

Accumulated Snowfall Potential Through Wednesday Night

Chance of Thundersnow?!

Interestingly, this storm is going to be so intense that there is a chance of thundersnow – the Storm Prediction Center has parts of the Northeast under a general thunderstorm risk. Thundersnow is a rare phenomena that occurs during intense storms, which can cause snowfall rates to be ridiculously high, sometimes as high as 3″ to 4″ per hour!

What’s Going on?

Two areas of low pressure will be merging later today and rapidly intensifying into a strong low off of the Northeast coast, in a process which is known as “Bombogenesis” – I talked about this yesterday, but the intensification is even more impressive than is looked yesterday.

Low Pressures As of Tuesday (1015mb)

Consolidated Lows into a Much Large Storm by Midday Wednesday (979mb)

NOTE: A 36mb DROP IN 24hrs

Wicked Winds

The image below shows the potential wind speeds Wednesday afternoon as the low is near its peak strength, keep in mind the gusts associated with this system will be even higher than the number depicted below. Blowing and drifting snow is going to be an issue. Power outages can’t be ruled out and flight delays/cancellations may be likely by tomorrow

Hang in there, things will improve dramatically by the end of the week! Thanks for checking in and have a good Tuesday.

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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