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Regular Season MLB Opener is Here!

Hello and happy Thursday everyone – hope all is well as we round out the end of March 2011 today. Can you believe that we’re already through March and can you believe that MLB baseball is starting up again TODAY?!? I don’t know about you, but this is one of the true sure signs of spring for me. Here are the games for today – check the full schedule HERE:


National Weather Today

We are tracking two systems today along with some extremely warm air in the Desert Southwest, which is likely to be record setting for several locations today, tomorrow and maybe even into the weekend.


Severe Risk Today

A cold front moving through the Florida Peninsula today will continue to kick up strong to severe storms. We’ve already had several reports of severe weather across the southeast over the last few days, today will likely be the last day for this extremely unsettled weather before we quiet down a tad into the weekend.


A Developing Nor’Easter

We’re still on track for a soggy and wintry go of things in the Northeast over the next couple of days. Strong winds, heavy coastal rain and heavy inland snow can be expected through the early AM hours of Saturday. Take a look at the watches and warnings that have been posted for areas in the Northeast.


How Much Snow in the Northeast?

This is a quick look the potential snow swatch as it cross through the Northeast. Keep in mind that any slight shift in the track of the low east or west, can and will dramatically shift the heaviest snow swath.


HPC Precipitation Forecast

The graphic below shows how much moisture could be squeezed out of the atmosphere over the next could of days. Note the heavy precip. blob over the Northeast, the Florida peninsula and in the Pacific Northwest.

Record Heat in the Southwest

High Temps Thursday

High Temps Friday, April 1st


Classic Spring Storm Next Week

Another very strong storm looks to be taking shape early next week across the middle part of the country. I could see heavy snow developing across the High Plains/Upper Mississippi Valley starting late weekend, while severe storms will start cranking early next week across the Mississippi Valley and places south and east through Wednesday or Thursday. It could definitely be an active week – stay tuned!!


Thanks for checking in on this Thursday – have a good rest of the month and enjoy your start to April tomorrow. Talk to you again real soon!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

Developing Nor’Easter

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone, I hope all is well on this 2nd to last day of March and only one day away from the regular season opener of the 2011 Major League Baseball season!!! The information below comes from ESPN, see the full schedule HERE: Most teams start up this Friday, April 1st – Regardless, this is another “Sure” sign of spring and I couldn’t be more happy!!


What’s Up With the Weather Today

Take a look at the surface map across the nation today. We’re still tracking a vigorous storm system across the deep south, which continues to pump out heavy rain and severe storm reports. We’re also watching a powerful storm in the Pacific Northwest, which is spreading moisture inland and into the High Plains/Upper Midwest by Thursday.


Let’s Focus on the Southeast system first, which is eventually going to develop into a Nor’easter by Thursday & Friday. Yesterday, there were several severe storm reports including one tornado report south of New Orleans, LA. See more of the Storm Reports HERE:


Severe Thunderstorms are still possible today across the Southeast as the cold front sweeps across the Gulf Coast States.



The cool front will drag its legs across the Florida Peninsula tomorrow and kick up a few strong to severe storm tomorrow


A Developing Nor’Easter

Take a look at the forecast for Thursday and Friday as the system churns up the east coast. A powerful Nor’Easter looks to be spreading heavy snow and gusty winds into the New England Region by Thursday. The central pressure will deepen rapidly, but just under the “Bomb” classification, which is a 24mb drop in the central pressure within 24 hours. Regardless, this will be a powerful system with several traveling impacts expected through the end of the week.

Surface Map for PM Thursday – AM Friday

Gusty northeast winds along with heavy snow will be developing during this time period


Winter Storm Watch In Effect


Another Round of Pacific Storminess

Wow… can we get a break? Another round of heavy Pacific moisture continues to blast through the Northwest. Heavy rain, mountain snow and gusty winds continue to be the norm on this Wednesday.


A Blast from the Summery Past

Look at the bubble of heat building in the Southwest through the end of the week. April 1st could bring about record high temperatures across much of the Desert Southwest. Spring Breakers here we go… POOL TIME!!!


High Temperature Forecast for Friday April 1st – It’s No Joke!

Many locations here are expected to be at or near record high temperatures Thursday, Friday & possibly Saturday

Record Highs Possible Thursday & Friday:

Phoenix, AZ National Weather Service

Tucson, AZ National Weather Service


Looking Ahead

An active weather pattern continues to shuffle storms inland across the nation. We are still tracking the potential of another large storm system rolling across the mid-section of the country Sunday & Monday. It appears to be one to watch as this classic storm develops. There is a potential of snow on its northern flank, while severe storms could break out on its southern limbs.


8 to 14 Day Temperature Outlook


8 to 14 Day Precipitation Outlook


Is the California Drought Officially Over?

Recent heavy rain and snow events have nearly eliminated the drought conditions across California. Governor Brown is expected to announce the “official” end of the drought across the state. See the full story HERE:

Strong Pacific Storm – Severe Storms South

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone – hope all is well on this 3rd to last day of March. The weather across the nation will remain active this week as the strong upper level winds continue to race across the nation. We’ve got several storms to talk about and will continue to talk about through the week – let’s take a look.


Severe Threat Today


Northwest Storm

Another powerful Pacific storm will bring heavy rain up to 5″ to 10″ – snow amounts of up to 18″ and wind gusts to 80mph


Looking Ahead

Taking a look at the weather through the first full week of April, we may be tracking quite a system. Another classic spring time storm looks to be taking shape with the potential for heavy snow across the far north and strong to severe storms across the lower Mississippi Valley.


That will definitely be one to watch – we’ll keep you up to date. Thanks for checking in, have a good day.

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

A Cold High Pushes Storms South

Hello and happy Monday everyone – I hope all is well on these last few days of March 2011. Temperatures over the last few days have been quite chill across the northern tier of the nation. It feels more like January or February rather than late March. Temperatures have been a good 10F to almost 25F degrees below average – take a look at the high temperatures from normal map today.


Cold High Pressure Pushes Storm Track South

The cold high pressure anchored over the Great Lakes Region is an area of obnoxiously dry air, so as weather systems move into that dry pocket of air, clouds and precipitation dry up, thus skies stay mostly clear. Storm systems have been moving south because of this weather feature and things have been rather active through the middle part of the country over the last several days. Unfortunately, temperatures have been cold enough for snow as far south as the middle Mississippi Valley and into the southern Ohio Valley with more snow on the way.

Weathermap Today

A Look at Snowfall

Take a look at the snowfall chances across the eastern half of the nation through Wednesday. Our next system rolling out of the Rockies will spread snow across the central and high plains, which may accumulate up to 3″ to 6″ in north central Nebraska/south central South Dakota.


Severe Thunderstorm Risk Today


Severe Risk Tomorrow


Still Plenty of Cold Air to the North

Take a look at the air temperatures a few thousand feet off the ground for this upcoming weekend – note the chilly air swinging through the Great Lakes/Northeast Region. Also note the ‘colder’ air across the Arctic and northern Canadian Prairie Provinces. I have a feeling that as long as this colder air is hanging out to the north, we won’t really have any big or long lasting warm ups for the northern tier of the nation anytime soon. In fact, the extended model runs shows a blog of this colder air swinging through the Great Lakes Region again by the 2nd week of April – stay tuned!


8 to 14 Day Temperature Outlook – Monday April 4th through Friday April 8th

I sure hope this is an April Fools Joke – I’m DONE with winter!!! UGH!!!


Alright everybody, thanks for checking in on this Monday. Stop back again tomorrow for more weather updates.

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

Severe Weather Continues Across the Southeast Today

Good Sunday to everyone out there. We have been tracking severe weather across the south the past few days, and it is already getting a start early this morning.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Across the Southeast until 5 PM Eastern

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued across the southeastern portion of the country until 5 PM Eastern — damaging winds up to 70 mph along with hail up to 2.5″ in diameter are possible. We’ll get to the severe threat for today in just a little bit.

Severe Weather and Winter Reports

We saw over150 severe reports yesterday, mainly out of the southeast. This includes five tornado reports, all within central and southern Georgia, and lots of hail. Hail reports ranged from golf ball sized (1.75″ in diameter) in Macon, GA, all the way to grapefruit sized (4.25″) near Senoia, GA. Into the overnight hours we saw a lot more wind damage reports coming out of the Alabama area.

Meanwhile, this same system produced snow on the northern side over the Ohio River Valley, with amounts generally ranging from a dusting to a couple inches.

Severe Weather Today

Today we have a severe threat across the southeast once again stretching around areas such as New Orleans LA, Gulfport and Hattiesburg MS, Mobile and Montgomery AL,  as well as Macon and Savannah GA. It looks like the main threat today should be large hail and damaging winds, however tornadoes cannot be ruled out, especially over Georgia once again.

Snow Continues Out West

The snow machine continues out in the west today,although less than what it has been. Places such as the Cascades and Wasatch Mountain Ranges could see 6-12″ of snow by the time all is said in done with this round of advisories. A rainy and snowy period is expected to continue over the next few days across the west, however high pressure should work its way in as we get into the middle of the week, bringing some drier weather to the region.

Upper Midwest Flooding

One area happy to see dry weather continue over the next few days (along with cool weather) is the upper Midwest, as this is helping out the flooding situation. Temperatures in Minnesota and the Dakotas are rising just above freezing during the day and dropping back below during the night, allowing for a slow melting. However, there are many rivers in Minnesota still reaching major flood stage. I’ve highlight a few of the rivers below that are currently in major flood stage.

The Crow River in Delano, MN, is expected to reach crest later today before slowing receding as we go throughout the week. We may have to watch for a second crest later in the month of April however, more on that in a second.

The Mississippi in St. Paul is expected to reach crest later this week at around 19.2′, putting it about where it crested last year. Again, we will have to watch for a second crest later in April. There is still a ton of snow to the north that needs to melt, some of it holding a few inches of water within. Once all that melts, we could see the river go back up once again due to the increased water content. Flooding could certainly be a concern through much of April and even into May, so we will keep an eye on it and update you as needed.

If you are across the southeast today, make sure your NOAA Weather Radio is still working to alert you to any potent storms on the way. Here’s hoping for little damage to occur from today’s storm. I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for the very latest!

D.J. Kayser for WeatherNation
Twitter @weathrlver