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More Tornado Data

Before and After Images

Tuscaloosa News has put together an incredible set of images showing what a few areas that were destroyed by a tornado looked  like before and after the most recent storms in the South.  Use the bar to drag it across the image to see the change:


Confirmed Tornados

As the National Weather Service has now had a little time to investigate the wreckage from these storms, we are starting to get in some reports of the confirmed tornadoes.  These have been the 2 strongest storms:

1.  EF5 in Smithville, MS

Peak wind gust at 205 mph.

Strongest tornado in Mississippi since 1966.

Path of destruction was 3 miles long and a half mile wide.

2. EF4 in Catoosa County, GA

Peak wind gust at 175 mph.

Path of destruction was 13 miles.

7 killed and 30 injured.

So far there are 5 other EF4 confirmed tornadoes.

There are totals so far:



Could this be a record breaking year?

The most tornadoes that have been recorded in a single year since 1950 was1817.  This was in 2004.  This map show the locations of these storms:

So far this year there have been 835 confirmed tornadoes.  With some of the peak tornado months still ahead, we may surpass this number. We’ll keep you posted as the latest numbers come in.


Royal Wedding Weather Better Than Expected

The world spotlight has, of course, been on London this morning as William and Kate were married.  Initially, the forecast looked a bit dismal with some forecasters suggesting that the balcony kiss might be ruined with rain.  With visitors from countries around the world, the British tourism department could only hope for weather that made the often damp London look like an appealing place to visit.  And the weather sure did cooperate.  The sun even peaked out for a brief moment as Kate arrived at the church.  But looking back over the past several weeks, today was apart of a larger trend toward drier conditions that have been in place for much of the spring.  Temperatures this afternoon are in the mid to upper 60s with plenty of sunshine.  The average high for today is 58 degrees so today’s temperature is already above that.  According to the UK Met Office (the British equivalent to the National Weather Service), temperatures have been running above average and for the month of March, most locations saw about 20% less rain than normal.

The map below shows the average amount of days in the month of April that had rainfall totals exceeding 0.02mm.  Notice that London falls in the 12 – 14 day area.  So that is nearly half of the month.

An area of low pressure to the north, did trigger some showers earlier today but that managed to stay away from the ceremony.

One of the Largest/Deadliest Tornado Outbreaks in History!

Hello and happy Thursday everyone. Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the deadly tornadoes that ravished the deep south again yesterday. It is heartbreaking to know that so many people lost their lives in what was a horrifying tornado, well documented, by several pictures and videos around Tuscaloosa and Birmingham Alabama. Local and national meteorologists did an excellent job getting the word out days in advance of the event, the morning before the event and during the event of impending danger. The sad truth is that sometimes, with tornadoes as large/strong as those yesterday, if you weren’t underground, you may not have survived. There are reports of structures, once standing, that are no longer… some buildings are whipped completely off their foundations and debris from Tuscaloosa showing up in northern Georgia.

A Few Stats From Yesterday

*The storm that tracked through Tucsaloosa and Birmingham Alabama – may have tracked nearly 300 miles from east central Mississippi near Meridian to the Carolinas.

*This is the deadliest tornado outbreak since 1974 when 307 people lost their lives from the “Super Outbreak”.

*Death toll continues to rise and stands at 200 plus midday Thursday.


Incredible Tornado Outbreak Yesterday

See full list of storm reports from SPC HERE:


WeatherNation Meteorologist Paul Douglas has a great write-up in his weather blog about yesterday’s event including amazing weather video, local TV coverage and other stats… It’s loaded with information – see HERE:


Severe Threat Today

Severe weather continues today across the eastern seaboard, certainly not as intense as yesterday, but definitely worth paying attention to. Severe storms will continue to fire along the potent cold front as it surges east. Large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes are still possible.


Tornado Probability Today


A Quick Look Ahead

One month Temperature and precipitation outlooks through May

Temperature Outlook


Precipitation Outlook


Thanks for checking in on this Thursday

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

Another Very Rare HIGH RISK Severe Weather Day

Hello and happy Wednesday – hope everybody is doing alright as we wrap up this incredible month of April weather. Severe weather has been relentless, spinning up a ridiculous number of tornadoes (some destructive and even deadly) and dumping copious amounts of Tropical moisture day after day in many of the same locations that can’t handle any more water. Reports continue to filter in from the mid-section of the country of major flooding, levee failures and water rescues. In some cases, the situation is getting even worse as thunderstorms continue to bring torrential downpours through flooded out regions. Unfortunately, the heavy rain will be accompanied by more severe weather. In fact, today is going to be another very active day as the Storm Prediction Center has issued another, very rare, HIGH RISK of severe weather. Just to put it into perspective here are some stats to chew on: See the full list HERE:

*There have only been 86 “HIGH RISK” days since 1984 (including 2011′s HIGH RISK days)*

*We average a little over 3 “HIGH RISK” days a year*

*There have only been 4 years with no “HIGH RISK” days (1985, 1986, 1987 & 2000)*

*Most “HIGH RISK” days issued in one year was 1999 – 7 days*

*There have only been 8 back-to-back “HIGH RISK” days since 1984 (including April 26th & 27th 2011)*

*There have been 27 “HIGH RISK” days in the month of April Since 1984 (including 2011)*

*31% of all the “HIGH RISK” days issued since 1984 have been in the month of April*

*31% of all the “HIGH RISK” days issued since 1984 have been in the month of May*


Another “HIGH RISK” Has Been Issued Today


Tornado Probability Map

I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever seen the tornado probability this high! I’m actually quite nervous about the picture that is being painted here for later today!


High Resolution Radar Reflectivity Simulation

This graphic shows another large cluster of very strong storms blowing up in the Deep South later this afternoon


Severe Weather Safety Tips

Make sure you keep up to date with your local forecasts and have a plan of action if severe weather strikes. Have those weather radios ready to go as well, which will alert you at any time of the day, day or night, of impending and potentially life threatening weather information. Here are some other severe weather safety tips to go through to freshen up those actions plans:


Thanks for tuning in and stay safe out there today.

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC


Hello and happy Tuesday everyone, I hope all is well and I hope this crazy severe weather isn’t causing you too much agony… good grief! When will it end? The past few days have been ridiculous, really. There has been an insane amount of severe weather reports, including tornadoes (some deadly) and also relentless (major) flooding rains!

Severe Storm Reports Over The Past Week


Severe Weather Threat Continues

Incredibly, we aren’t done with the severe weather… We’ve got at least 2 more days of this stuff. Take a look at the severe risk areas below:

Severe Risk Tuesday – HIGH RISK

It’s not too often that you’ll see a HIGH RISK of severe weather issue by the Storm Prediction Center. This typically occurs when the level of confidence is VERY HIGH for severe storms including tornadoes.


Tuesday Tornado Risk – High

This is actually quite worrisome – If you live in any of these HIGH RISK areas, keep in mind the TORNADO THREAT today is high! Keep an eye to the sky and pay attention to local forecasts and severe weather briefings


High Resolution Rapid Refresh – Shows Very Large, Potentially Tornadic Thunderstorms in Northeast Texas Around 8pm CDT



Flood Concerns Deepen

There have been several reports of flooding already, including dam and levee failures. I fear the worst is yet to come with more showers and thunderstorms in the forecast through the next few days.

Observed Precipitation Last 30 Days – Isolated 20″ Amounts?

The the small white shading in south central MO – the contours would indicate up to 20″ may have fallen there in the last month!


Poplar Bluff, MO Faces ‘Catastrophic Failure”

There has been so much rain that a levee in Poplar Bluff, MO is in imminent danger of failing – if it hasn’t already

photo courtesy Paul Davis/AP – See Full Picture & Article Here:


River Stages at Major Stage

There are currently 41 rivers at Major Flood Stage – Several of those gauges are locations that have been getting pounded with rain as of late


More Rain on the Way!

The HPC QPF forecast shows an additional 5″ or more in a few locations through AM Friday


Severe Threat Wednesday

Another significant weather outbreak is expected tomorrow… I wouldn’t doubt if the Storm Prediction Center goes ahead and issues a HIGH RISK or severe weather again tomorrow. It is going to be another very volatile situation.


Thanks for checking in on this Tuesday.

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

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