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Royal Wedding Weather Better Than Expected

The world spotlight has, of course, been on London this morning as William and Kate were married.  Initially, the forecast looked a bit dismal with some forecasters suggesting that the balcony kiss might be ruined with rain.  With visitors from countries around the world, the British tourism department could only hope for weather that made the often damp London look like an appealing place to visit.  And the weather sure did cooperate.  The sun even peaked out for a brief moment as Kate arrived at the church.  But looking back over the past several weeks, today was apart of a larger trend toward drier conditions that have been in place for much of the spring.  Temperatures this afternoon are in the mid to upper 60s with plenty of sunshine.  The average high for today is 58 degrees so today’s temperature is already above that.  According to the UK Met Office (the British equivalent to the National Weather Service), temperatures have been running above average and for the month of March, most locations saw about 20% less rain than normal.

The map below shows the average amount of days in the month of April that had rainfall totals exceeding 0.02mm.  Notice that London falls in the 12 – 14 day area.  So that is nearly half of the month.

An area of low pressure to the north, did trigger some showers earlier today but that managed to stay away from the ceremony.

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