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Mother’s Day: Record Heat, Flooding, and Severe Chances

Good Mother’s Day to you out there — hope you are having a great day! We have a ridge that has built in across the south, allowing the heat to build in parts of Texas. Meanwhile, for the most part the severe weather over the next few days will be shifted northward over the northern Plains. We also continue to track the flooding across the lower Mississippi Valley.

Record Heat

We are monitoring heat continuing to build across the south where more records could be broken today. Many of the records in Texas are in the upper 90s or lower 100s, and there is the possibility that they could be broken today. San Angelo and Abilene’s record high today is 103, Dallas’s record is around 94, and 96 for Houston. Many of these records could at least come close to being shattered, if not thrown out the window completely!

Because of this heat — coming with a very dry atmosphere along with already extreme drought conditions across portions of Texas and the rest of the southeast — there are Red Flag Watches and Warnings across the south. There are also a few in Florida — another place that has been fairly dry.

Severe Threat the Next Few Days

The severe threat is shifting north with the surge of heat from the south — and places such as Sioux City, Des Moines, and Aberdeen could be under the threat of mainly large hail and damaging winds as we go throughout the afternoon and evening today — although a spare tornado cannot be ruled out across mainly Nebraska today.

For Monday we’ll see the surge of severe weather across the plains today move into Illinois — meanwhile we should see another batch of storms move into South Dakota and could become severe. Large hail and damaging winds continue to be the main threat.

Tuesday we see the severe threat mainly move into northern Minnesota and the Red River Valley — especially as we move into Tuesday we could see a few more tornadoes along with large hail and damaging winds. This system will try to form a front across the south, and in future updates we could see a Slight Risk move into portions of Kansas southward through Texas.

It appears as we move into Wednesday we will watch along the front from Nebraska through Texas for the chance of severe weather.

Flooding Across the South

While Texas is in drought, parts of the lower Mississippi Valley are flooding due to the abundance of rain that has fallen there and in other tributaries of the Mighty Miss. Many areas from Memphis southward are in Major Flood stage and it is expected that they will continue to climb higher. You can see some of the levels this morning along with expected crests via the graphics below, provided by the local NWS offices. The Memphis flood gage is even malfunctioning due to the flood waters!

Hope you have a good Mother’s Day!

D.J. Kayser for WeatherNation
Twitter @weathrlver