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Oh Man, It’s Hot Out There…

Hello and happy Thursday everyone, hope you are enjoying your last day of June 2011. Man is it hot out there ! Take a look at the extensive, excessive heat headlines that have been issued by the NWS that stretch as far north as the international border.

High Temps Expected Today

Highs From Normal

Heat Safety Tips

See More Safety Tips From the NWS HERE:


Thanks for checking in on this Thursday, enjoy the rest of your day and stay cool!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

Say Hello to Arlene

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone, hope all is well on this June 29th. Well, the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane Season is officially underway with our first tropical storm of the season, which developed yesterday in the Bay of Campeche near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

Tropical Satellite

Latest on Arlene – As of 8am EDT – Arlene was a Tropical Storm with Winds Sustained @ 40mph – Read more from the National Hurricane Center HERE:


Big Rain Maker

The slow movement to the WNW is going to keep heavy rain the forecast for central Mexico for several days. Up to 10″ of rain may be possible, which may bring about some flooding concerns.

Fairly Rare and Unusual West Coast Storm

As we enter the dry season for a few spots in the west, take a look at a fairly rare and unusual storm that has set up shop over central California

Heavy Rain Has Already Been Reported

Average Monthly Rainfall for the Bay Area


Another Fairly Rare Event… A HEAT BURST

What’s this you ask? A heat burst has something to do with a rapidly decaying thunderstorm complex that, while collapsing, compresses the air rapidly – ultimately warming the air. Take a look at the temperature event below:

Radar Images From Earlier Wednesday AM

Thanks for checking in on this Wednesday, have a good rest of the day!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

Is a Storm Brewing in Atlantic Basin?

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone, hope all is well on this June 28th. Can you believe that we’re already approaching the 4th of July holiday weekend? Summer is officially in full swing and record high temperatures continue across the Desert Southwest. Excessive Heat headlines continue again today and are being issued for the end of the week as more of this relentless stuff bubbles north.

Excessive Heat Headlines

Check here for more on the heat headlines from the NWS HERE:

High Temperatures Expected Today

Childress Texas 7 Day Forecast

Record Setting Dew Point Depression

At 432 PM PDT Monday the dew point depression at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas reached 129 degrees. The temperature was 107 degrees at 432 PM and the dew point temperature was -22 degrees. This made for a relative humidity of 1%. The previous all-time record dew point depression for Las Vegas was 120 degrees set on July 2nd 2007. By the way, kiln dried wood has a moisture content of 5% to 7% – so it was drier in Las Vegas yesterday than a piece of kiln dried wood… just in case you cared :)

Continued Hot and Dry in the Southwest

Another strong low pressure system is kicking up the winds in the southwest again. Unfortunately with the extremely dry air in place fire danger risk is going to be extremely high as well.

Red Flag Warnings

The Los Alamos Fire Threatens a Nuclear Plant

See video HERE:

Atlantic Storm Developing?

The National Hurricane Center is watching a cluster of storms bubbling up near the Bay of Campeche. For now, there is a 50% chance of this thing growing into a tropical cyclone… meanwhile, the NHC will be sending out there Hurricane Hunter Aircraft Reconnaissance to check things out in further detail. See more details HERE:

2011 Hurricane Names

If we do happen to see tropical development within the next 48 hours the name would be Arlene – check out the other names below… maybe you’ll be famous?!?!


Thanks for checking in on this Tuesday, have a good rest of the day!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC


Summer Surges Back

Hello and happy Monday everyone, hope all is well on this first Monday of summer. I also hope you enjoyed your first full weekend of summer, which looks to be making a surge northward by the end of the week. The hot stuff is already hanging out in the south and smashing records! Take a look at some of the numbers:

Sunday Was the Hottest Day Ever For Some TX Cities

Other Texas Temperatures

Excessive Heat Yet Again

Take a look at all the Excessive Heat Advisories in place across the south where temperatures could be as high as 115° today and tomorrow

High Temperatures Expected Today

Heat Bubbles Northward

Take a look at what happens by the middle/end of the week. A ridge of high pressure sends a surge of summery weather north to the international border. I could see 90° temperature readings as far north and the Dakotas/MN/WI by Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday.


High Temperatures Expected Thursday


Highs From Normal on Thursday

The forecast high temperatures for Thursday are expected to be a good 5° to 15° above the for the end of the June


Severe Thunderstorm Potential

Severe storms have been popping on the northern fringes of the extreme heat already – in fact, there were some pretty nasty storms that rolled through the Upper/Middle Mississippi Valley last night. Check out the radar shot from IA early this morning. A huge “Bow Echo” rolled through, which produced a near 100mph wind gust in Callender, IA - there was a report of a children’s playground set that was picked up and tossed into a residences front window!

Here Are Some Other Wind Reports From IA From Last Night

Severe Thunderstorm Risk Today

Severe Thunderstorm Risk Tuesday


That’s all for today, thanks for checking in, stay cool and have a good Monday.

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation LLC

Souris River Disaster Continuing

Good Saturday to everyone. We continue to follow the Souris River flooding in Minot as well as other parts of North Dakota. We are also tracking severe weather for the next few days.

Minot Under Water

Photo credit AP

The Souris River continues to have major flooding along its banks — already eclipsing the previous record set in Minot of 1,558′ in 1881. This morning a levee failed in the town of Sawyer and an evacuation order immediately went into effect for the town. In Minot, approximately 1000 homes are under 4-6 ft of water, another 1000 homes are under 1-2 ft of water and at least 100 homes only have rooftops showing. We expect the Souris to crest in Minot later this evening 8.5 ft above flood stage and stay steady around that rate for the next few days before slowing receding.

Severe Threat

Two areas of Slight Risk threat today — one over the Dakotas and another over mainly Missouri.

A larger-area threat is possible tomorrow stretching through the Dakotas back into the Ohio River Valley. Best threat appears to be over parts of South Dakota.

Two threat areas again tomorrow — over over Texas and Oklahoma and another in the Ohio River Valley.

That’s all for today! Enjoy your weekend!

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