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Katia Continues

Hello and happy Wednesday everyone, hope all is well on this last day of August and the last day of Meteorological Summer! Major flooding continues in the Northeast thanks to Hurricane Irene. The excessive rainfall (which was up to 20″ in spots) continues to move through rivers and tributaries in the east. Here is a look at the major flooding from the Passaic River in Wayne, NJ

Passaic River in Wayne, NJ

HERE’s the link:

River Gauges Around New Jersey

These are the river gauges in New Jersey, where a couple of reporting stations along the Passaic River are reporting Major Flooding

Record Levels on the Passaic River

Take a look at this river gauge along the Passaic River at Pine Brook. It reached a record crest at 24.12ft on Tuesday, which was nearly 1ft above the previous record crest set in 1903

Katia Continues in the Atlantic, What’s That in the Gulf?

Katia looks like she’ll reach major hurricane status by the weekend, but the good news is that the model runs continue to trend north and may not hit the U.S.

Also, note the yellow circle near the Yucatan Peninsula. This is a cluster of storms that the National Hurricane Center has deemed a low chance at becoming a tropical disturbance in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Here’s the latest on KATIA

Could This Be Lee?

Take a look at the big blob of moisture hanging out near Texas and Louisiana by the weekend

Heavy Rain Potential

Take a look at how much rain the 5-day forecast is printing out along the Gulf Coast – I see a maximum there of around 10″ near New Orleans!

Thanks for checking in on this Wednesday, have a good rest of the day

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation

Katia Forms… Will Lee Develop In The Gulf?

Hello and happy Tuesday, hope all is well on this 2nd to last day of August… Can you believe September starts this Thursday? It sure is nice to see sunshine and drier weather out east after Hurricane Irene left a watery mess. Many spots saw record rainfall and there were even reports of nearly 20″ in spots, which caused major flooding. Take a look at the video below from Newark, NJ – I think this is honestly the first time I have ever seen someone Jet Skiing down the middle of a street!

Jet Skiing In The Streets of Newark

Here’s the full video:

Irene Aftermath

  • Biggest issue right now is flooding
  • More than a dozen towns in New York and Upstate New York are cut off because roads and bridges are washed out
  • 400 hundred people are stranded at Killington Ski Resort in Vermont
  • Vermont began mobilizing National Guard helicopters to airlift food, water and supplies Tuesday to these small towns
  • In New Jersey, search and rescue teams have plucked nearly 600 people from
    homes in recent days with the most intense efforts on Tuesday
    when the Passaic River measured 13 feet (4 metres) above flood
    stage (we have youtube video of this)
  • Mercer and Middlesex Counties in the central part of New Jersey also hard hit with some streets under several feet of water.
  • Newark– (video of someone jet skiing down the streets)
  • The nation’s planes, trains and buses had their first full day of near-normal service since Thursday, as most passengers stranded by Hurricane Irene slowly made their way home.
  • Amtrak resumed service between New York and Boston Tuesday. Trains are still cancelled between Philadelphia and New York because of flooding. Amtrak also cancelled trains from the Northeast to cities like Miami and New Orleans.
  • Still Millions with out power.
  • At least 40 deaths in the US  blamed on Irene so far.


Birds-Eye View of the Damage

The picture and information below was found on NOAA’s Facebook page… you can Friend them HERE:

Emergency responders and the public can now get a bird’s-eye view of the damage caused by Hurricane Irene over North Carolina’s Outer Banks. NOAA’s National Geodetic Survey is posting high resolution photos taken by a team of aviators and remote sensing experts flying at 5,000 feet on board a specially outfitted King Air turboprop aircraft. An interactive map is available at

Photo: road washed away by Hurricane Irene storm surge

Tropical Storm Katia Forms in the Atlantic

As expected, Katia developed in the Atlantic and is on her way to becoming a hurricane.

Katia Forecast Track

The latest forecast has Katia becoming a hurricane as early as tomorrow and possibly a major hurricane (category 3) by this weekend



What’s Brewing in the Gulf?

The extended model runs try to develop something in the Gulf of Mexico later this week. It’s interesting because this could (potentially) be wonderful news for folks praying for rain! Could this be Lee developing? I think it’s a little early to say, but whatever the case, I’m hoping we can get some appreciative rain from this system this weekend. If anything, I do see a cool down for the deep south as some ‘tropical’ moisture moves and and a real cool front slides south!

Thanks for checking in on this Tuesday, have a good rest of your week!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson – WeatherNation

After Irene – Watching Katia?

Hello and happy Monday everyone, hope all is well on this August 29th. We’re finally waving goodbye to Irene, some are saying good riddance as heavy winds and rains plowed along the Eastern Seaboard this weekend. Irene became the first hurricane to make a U.S. landfall since Ike in September of 2008. In fact, Irene made 3 landfalls:

Hurricane IRENE from Space

See the entire IRENE loop HERE:

1st Landfall – Cape Lookout, NC at 7:30AM Saturday as a Category 1 hurricane with winds at 85mph

2nd Landfall – Little Egg Inlet, NJ at 5:35AM Sunday as a Category 1 hurricane with winds at 75mph

3rd Landfall – New York, NY at 9AM Sunday as a Tropical Storm with winds at 65mph

Aftermath – Here’s the latest around midday Monday:

-At least 31 deaths are related to Irene – Here’s the link

-There were up to 4 million without power – Here’s the link

-Nearly 12,000 flights cancelled over the weekend – Here’s the link

-Heavy rain – reports of up to nearly 1 1/2 feet:

Here area some of the Reports:

NEW HARTFORD                        10.15
BURLINGTON                           8.70                      
EAST HARTFORD                        8.18                      
MONROE                               7.40                      
DANBURY                              6.72                      
OXFORD                               6.69                      
WEST HAVEN                           6.00                      
GREENWICH                            6.00
NEW HAVEN                            3.34

ELLENDALE                           10.43                      
SMYRNA 3 SSE                        10.28
ADAMSVILLE                          10.00                      
VIOLA                                9.64
MILFORD                              9.26                      
DOVER                                8.79                      
HARRINGTON                           8.75                      
GUMBORO                              8.62                      
TOWNSEND                             8.34                      
WILMINGTON AIRPORT                   6.94                    

BAXTER ST PARK                       9.91
PHILLIPS                             6.34                      
ANDOVER                              6.20 
MILLINOCKET                          4.00 

PLUM POINT 3 WSW                    12.96                      
OCEAN CITY                          12.09
LEONARDTOWN 1 NE                    13.35
EASTON 2 SE                         11.80                      
HICKMAN                             10.50                      
RIDGE 1 N                           11.03
CALIFORNIA 2 W                      10.31                      
PATUXENT RIVER                       8.15                      
FEDERALSBURG                         8.00                      
DOWNTOWN BALTIMORE 1 SSE             2.85

SAVOY                                9.10                      
SHELBURNE FALLS                      8.50                      
TOLLAND                              7.90                      
HEATH                                7.70                      
GOSHEN                               7.50                      
MILFORD 2 NNW                        6.93
WEST SPRINGFIELD                     2.45

PINKHAM NOTCH                        7.33
SANDWICH                             6.09                      
WASHINGTON                           6.00                      
NORTH WEARE                          5.37  

FREEHOLD TWP 1 WNW                  11.27
LITTL FALLS TWP 1 WNW               10.71
STOCKTON                            10.32                      
WAYNE                               10.20                      
ORANGE                               9.96                      
PETERSBURG 1 NNE                     9.52                      
NEWARK AIRPORT                       8.92                      
TETERBORO                            8.22                      
TRENTON                              5.00
ATLANTIC CITY                        4.56                      

...NEW YORK...
EAST DURHAM                         13.30
EAST JEWETT                         12.22
MONROE 2 SE                         11.79
TUXEDO PARK                         11.48                      
HARRIMAN                            10.45                      
SUMMIT                               8.88                      
LIVINGSTON                           8.26                      
HUDSON                               7.05                      
NYC CENTRAL PARK                     6.87                      
NWS ALBANY                           5.85

JACKSONVILLE 2 E                    20.00
BUNYAN                              15.66                      
NEW BERN                            14.79                      
WILLIAMSTON                         14.27                      
WASHINGTON                          13.11                      
GREENVILLE                          12.32                      
CROATAN FOREST                      11.13                      
HAVELOCK                            10.70                      
HOLLY SHELTER                        8.26                      
WILMINGTON                           7.60                      

LAFAYETTE                            8.82                      
FORKS TWP                            8.53                      
GOULDSBORO                           8.00
EXTON                                7.83                      
WEST CHESTER                         7.46                      
SPRINGTOWN                           7.26                      
ASTON TWP                            6.79                      
KING OF PRUSSIA                      6.71                      
MORGANTOWN                           6.21                      
PHILADELPHIA CENTER                  5.73                      

WARREN                               5.37                      

MENDON                              11.23
WALDEN                               7.60                      
RANDOLPH CENTER                      7.15                      
LUDLOW                               6.61                      
WOODFORD                             7.15                   
WARREN                               5.75                      
CHELSEA                              5.25                      

VIRGINIA BEACH 9 WNW                20.40
SUFFOLK                             11.04                      
NEWLAND                             10.50                      
WAKEFIELD                            9.25                      
NORFOLK                              8.73                      
WILLIAMSBURG                         8.21                      
PORTSMOUTH                           7.82                      
GWYNNS ISLAND                        7.27                      
NEWPORT NEWS                         6.23 
RICHMOND INTL ARPT                   4.73
REAGAN NATIONAL APT                  3.74


So Long Irene… Hello Katia?

As we say goodbye to Irene, we may be saying hello to Katia… Tropical Depression 12 has developed and is forecast to become Katia

Forecast Track For Tropical Depression #12

This is the latest forecast track for Tropical Depression #12, who is likely to become Katia later today or early Tuesday and possibly a hurricane by AM Thursday

Thanks for checking in on this Monday, have a good rest of your week!

Meteorologist Todd Nelson


Irene maybe losing steam but don’t write her off.  Most recent reports showing Irene’s status has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm.

The latest path shows her tappering off as she continues northward through New England.

In its wake, Irene has left many areas of flooding.  Just some of the images coming in from Twitter…

lifeleft_togo  Michele
 this is what the park near my house looks like. #irene

mikerowan 46 secs ago Twitter

Glad I moved the vehicles last night, I park on the grass, daughter in the middle #Irene

@AndreaaMartini Andrea Monterrosa
heard this fall down at like 3 am cuz of #irene


Irene Makes Landfall In North Carolina, Whats Next?

Latest Track Projections. After striking the Outer Banks of North Carolina Irene will weaken slightly (probably to Category 1 strength), and then hug the Delaware/New Jersey coast, probably tracking (just) east of New York City. Irene will probably maintain hurricane status as it hits southern New England during the day Sunday.

Probability Of A 4 Foot Storm Surge. The greatest risk of a damaging storm surge is forecast to be in the New Bern, North Carolina area, and near Wilmington, NC. Data courtesy of NHC.


Probability Of A Two Foot Storm Surge? The Tidewater region of the Chesapeake Bay is vulnerable (Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News), and a significant storm surge may roll into the Dover, Delaware area and New York Harbor may see a 2-4 foot surge. Raw data is here, courtesy of NHC.



Most Vulnerable Regions Of New York City. The yellow/orange-shaded areas are most vulnerable to a hurricane’s storm surge, including Lower Manhattan and much of Brooklyn. JFK and LaGuardia airports could also be closed, both situated very close to sea level. Click here to see the map for yourself, courtesy of the City of New York.


Total Number of Hurricane Strikes Since 1900. This is broken down by county, showing a total of 20-25 separate hurricane strikes for the Outer Banks of North Carolina since 1900, fewer than 3 for New York City, but 7-9 different hurricanes for Long Island and Cape Cod in the last 111 years. Source: NOAA’s NHC.


The Other Flood Threat. You’ll hear a lot about storm surge in the coming days, the sudden rise in tides that precedes a hurricane’s arrival. The other major concern: inland flooding triggered by torrential rains. Models are hinting at some 6-10″ rainfall amounts from the Outer Banks of North Carolina northward to Norfolk, Rehobeth, Atlantic City and New York City

NASA’s TRMM Satellite Analyzes Hurricane Irene In Rainfall, Lightning, Eyewall. Here’s a post from NASA, which is using sophisticated low-orbiting satellites to gather more raw data about Irene “The Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Satellite known as TRMM has the ability to measure rainfall from space, and can also provide scientists with cloud heights, eyewall and lightning information. These images and captions of Hurricane Irene were provided by NASA hurricane scientist, Owen Kelley at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. In general, lightning in the inner core suggests the presence of strong updrafts and large ice particles. By implication, lightning suggests that convective cells are pumping a lot of latent heat energy into the tropical cyclone’s central vortex, which is favorable for intensification. Hurricane eyewalls often are devote of lightning, as is the case for Irene on 8/23. But cat-3 Irene (on 8/24) did have lightning flashes in the eyewall, and there were many flashes during Irene’s tropical storm phase (on 8/21).”


Taken from

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