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Storm System Ramps Up

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone, hope all is well on this Leap Day eve… more on that tomorrow! In the meantime, we are currently watching the developing storm across the middle part of the country which will create some major issues around the nation’s midsection through midweek. Take a look at the warnings and advisories that have been posted from near Phoenix, AZ to Marquette, MI.

National Wintry Weather Headlines

Heavy Moisture

The precipitation forecast shows nearly 1.50″ of liquid during the event through AM Thursday.

Duluth, MN

It appears that the heaviest precipitation is going to be deposited around the Duluth, MN area and into the extreme northwester corner of WI.

Severe Weather Potential

This is the severe weather potential for Today

This is the severe weather potential for Wednesday

Thanks for checking in, have a great rest of your day!

-Meteorologist Todd Nelson-

Gearing Up For Big Snow and Severe Weather

Hello and happy Monday everyone, hope all is well on this February 27th. We’re gearing up for a big storm by midweek, blizzard conditions and severe weather is going to be some of the major concerns.

National Watches and Warnings

Here is the latest on the watches and warnings across the nation. Heavy wind and snow is in the forecast today across the Southwest. This same storm is going to bring is copious amounts of moisture to the Upper Midwest and Upper Mississippi Valley with the potential of significant snow and blizzard like conditions.

Snowfall Forecast

The latest snowfall forecast shows the most significant snow from Aberdeen, SD to just north of St. Cloud, MN to Hinckley, MN to Hayward, WI… this is the where the snowfall appears to be the heaviest (possibly over 12″)

Severe Weather Outlook

Severe weather potential is also going to be a significant part of this storm Tuesday and Wednesday. Below are the convective outlooks for midweek.



Lots of Moisture

This is the 3 day precipitation forecast (through AM Thursday), which shows the heaviest precipitation across the northern and eastern parts of the storm. The northern flank will have the best potential for significant snow and the eastern half will have the best potential for thunderstorm activity (possibly even severe).

36 Vehicles Break Through Ice in Wisconsin

This is a crazy story from NBC26

See more from the Pioneer Press HERE

Anglers in the annual Lake Winnebago ice fishing contest over the weekend found themselves instead scouting for their modes of transportation after 36 parked vehicles went through the ice, authorities said Sunday.

Thanks for checking in on this Monday, have a great rest of the week.

-Meteorologist Todd Nelson-

Potential For Heavy Snow!

Butterflies in stomachs across the upper Midwest as folks anxiously look at models as the next system approaches.  The possibility for huge amounts for accumulating is lurking the wings and this maybe one of the only major storm systems to impact so far this year.  Oddly enough, meteorological winter is just about to come to an end!

Looking up the numbers for the Minneapolis area:

SINCE DEC 1 The Minneapolis area has had 15.2 inches of snow. The normal amount is 30.5 inches. That puts us 15.3 inches below average. But here is the most interesting number: 65.4 inches. That's how much snow the Minneapolis area had last year! Now keep those numbers in the back of your mind because we might be catching up quickly this week with the latest snowfall projections:  And for another Model:  If these totals were to verify, MSP would catch up from their deficit with just this one system, or at least close to it. These could be on the high side but regardless a significant system will be bringing not only this round of snow to the Midwest but also the possibility of severe storms to the Central US. Stay tuned for more! 

Thunderstorms End, Snow Begins

Heading into the weekend we are shifting our focus from thunderstorms to snow.  The front that generated all the active weather across the Mid Atlantic region yesterday has now moved into the Atlantic.  Temperatures are dropping but the air is stabilizing and there is no additional threat for storms.  Our attention is now turning towards the winter weather that is developing in the Northwest and the North Central Region.

Numerous Record Highs Set Yesterday across the Southeast ahead of the cold front:

It is considerably colder today:


All of the activity is now the north central region as the next storm system will be approaching tonight:


Heavy Snow will then spread through northern Minnesota.  Stay tuned for  more!



Robust Clipper Sparks Severe Storms & Shovelable Snow

Hello and happy Thursday everyone, hope all is well on this 23rd of February. A fairly fast and robust clipper-like storm system has made waves across the High Plains already today. We expect heavy snow to continue on the northern flank of this developing low with severe weather on it’s warmer and more unstable eastern side.

Funny Traffic Cam

This is a funny image from

It almost looks like this bird is getting ready to do a live traffic report!


Northwestern Winter Storm Winds Down

After days of heavy rain, snow and wind, the Pacific Northwest is calming down a bit today. The skies have cleared in a few locations to reveal the newly fallen snow. Snow reports of up to 3ft., wind reports of up to 113mph (equivalent to a category 3 hurricane) and several avalanches have resulted from this latest event. The image below is from Glacier National Park in Montana, yesterday it looked quite snowy!

This was the view on Wednesday, see more webcams here

Winter Weather Threatens

Take a look at the watches and warnings map across the High Plains and the Upper Midwest. A fairly quick and robust clipper-like system has and is dumping several inches of snow in a very thin narrow band. There have already been reports of over a foot across North and South Dakota with some road closures as strong winds create near white-out conditions.

Snow Reports So Far…

This clipper brought quite a bit of snow to a few locations, interestingly it was in a very thin narrow band. 14″ is the highest I’ve seen near Carson in North Dakota.

Here are the other snowfall reports

Road Closures Earlier Today

I-94 westbound from Mandan to Dickinson was closed for a time earlier today due to heavy snow and blowing snow.

See more road conditions from North Dakota HERE

Chicago and Detroit Gearing Up For Snow Now!

Chicago is under a Winter Weather Advisory through Friday, take a look at other locations that have winter weather headlines.

Northeast Snowfall Forecast

Take a look at the 48hour snowfall forecast. The fast moving clipper will run through Chicago, Detroit and other locations in the Northeast with more heavy snow. A few locations here could also see 6″ to 10″ or more

Severe Potential

This pesky and intensifying low is also going to produce some strong to severe storms across the Ohio and Tennessee Valley later today. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a SLIGHT RISK of severe weather for areas shaded in orange. Here storms could become strong to severe with hail, high winds and maybe even an isolated tornado or two.

Storm Timing

A higher resolution model tries to develop the storms around the Tri-State area around the mid afternoon hours of Thursday. Stay tuned to local forecasts if you live in the SLIGHT RISK area above, make sure to keep those severe weather radios handy as well!

Thanks for checking in on this Thursday, have a great rest of the week.

-Meteorologist Todd Nelson-

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