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Gulf Coast Flooding, Midwest Storms

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Flooding continues as the rain just keeps on coming down along the Gulf Coast today.  From the USA Today: “The Florida Panhandle’s Escambia County declared a state of emergency. Sheriff David Morgan told the Pensacola News Journal that he estimated the damage around the county at around $20 million. The sheriff’s department’s central booking building was among the buildings flooded.  Emergency shelters were opened at a few local schools for people who were urged to evacuate from low-lying areas, the newspaper reported. Thousands were without power. Neighboring Santa Rosa County had about 40 homes flooded.  Streets were flooded throughout Mobile, Ala., which got 5.79 inches of rain. County authorities warned residents to stay off the roads until the waters receded and workers could look for damage and downed utilities.”

Check out this photo from @sevenlies on twitter of her flooded yard!

New records have been sent with a grand total of 13.13″ of rain in just 24 hours.

This was the second wettest day in recorded history in Pensacola.  The wettest day was on October 5, 1934 with over 15″ of rain.  That was associated with a tropical storm.  The rain that has been coming recently is not associated with a tropical system.

From the National Weather Service in Mobile/Pensacola:

After a brief break in the storms, more rain is on the way for today.  Showers and thunderstorms could produce another 3 to 4 inches for the already flooded areas.

Map shows the projected rainfall over the next 2 days.

Less impressive amounts of rain coming to the Midwest.  But storms in the Midwest could include some severe weather today as a cooler air mass pushes into the region.

The best chance for strong storms within the slight risk area will be across Central and Northern Minnesota down into Oklahoma. There is also a severe threat in portions of Florida, Alabama, and Georgia where all the heavy rain is falling as storms move ashore.

In fact, a Tornado Watch has already been issued until 7 PM CDT for portions of the southeast.

Behind this system, high temperatures will be dropping by as much as 20 degrees, bringing those areas closer to their average high for this time of the year.

Highs Yesterday

Highs Today

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Meteorologist Gretchen Mishek

Severe Threat for the Northern and Central Plains today

Sunday Severe Threat. An eastbound surge of much cooler, drier Canadian air will act as a trigger, creating enough low-level convergence to initiate convection – strong to severe storms most likely later today from Minnesota and western Wisconsin southward to Wichita and Tulsa. Source: SPC.

900+ Minnesota High Temperature Records In The Last 12 Months. It’s a staggering number – tabulated by Dr. Mark Seeley in his weekly WeatherTalk Blog. Here are a few highlights (that made my jaw drop): “The estimated total number of daily maximum temperature records set or tied in Minnesota over the past 12 months is at least 900, bearing in mind a like or greater number of record high minimum temperatures is a probable value as well. During the same period from June 2011 to May 2012, 13 new statewide high temperature records were set, and one was tied. This level of statewide extremes in maximum temperature has not been seen since the 1930s.”

Number of Minnesota High Temperature Records (according to Mark Seeley):

27    June 2011
26    July 2011
      August 2011
12     September 2011
58     October 2011
11      November 2011
69     December 2011

191  January 2012
12     February 2012
434   March 2012
14     April 2012
35     May 2012

Photo credit above: Matt McKean, AP.

Record Events. Here are the towns that registered record highs, lows and 24 hour rainfall amounts in the last 7 days. Data courtesy of NOAA and Ham Weather.

Western Tornadoes (Rare, Not Impossible) Hit Wyoming, Colorado. Details (and a compelling video) from the L.A. Times: “Parts of Wyoming and Colorado were working Friday to recover from the week’s harsh weather, including tornadoes that caused minor injuries. A rare tornado cut through open country in southeastern Wyoming on Thursday, injuring at least one person and causing some property damage in the Wheatland area. In Colorado, four tornadoes were reported in the Elbert County area, southeast of Denver. A minor injury was also reported there.”



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