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Turning into Frozen Pumpkins at the Stroke of Midnight

December 31st: Turning into Frozen Pumpkins at the Stroke of Midnight

Champion, NY

Thanks to Forgotten Treasures Photography for the picture below. It’s a monsterous snowman out of Champion, NY.

North Platte, NE
Thanks to @Hansen_77 for the beautiful sunset picture below out of North Platte, NE.

Marquette, MI
Thanks to Greg Kretovic for the picture below out of Marquette, MI during some recent lake effect snow.
The Big Ball Drop
New York City will be abuzz today/tonight with people looking for the best spot to ring in the new year. It’ll be a little chilly, but festive with a chance of light snow around midnight.
Here’s a look at all the events for New Year’s from HERE:
Festive Forecast
The forecast for the big event looks a bit cool, but also fairly festive! Look for a little light snow as countdown continues. Here’s a look at the NYC forecast from the WeatherNation app available on Itunes. 
Shovelable Snow Event For Some
The next winter event will move across the mid-section of the nation today with shovelable snow potential for some. Winter Weather Advisories have been posted from the Texas Panhandle to the Ohio Valley with 2″ to 4″ possible and isolated 6″ amounts possible as well.
Snowfall Forecast
This is a look the RPM snowfall forecast through midday Wednesday, note the heavier tallies around central/eastern Kansas with up to around 6″ possible in spots.
Cold Into the New Year
Here’s a look at the forecast lows across the nation New Year’s Eve… Brr!

Cold Highs New Year’s Day
It definitely looks cold into the New Year. Here are the forecast high temperatures for Tuesday, January 1st. Temperatures across the nation will be running several degrees below normal for many locations.

Highs From Normal on January 1st
Here are the highs from normal across the nation on Tuesday, note that most locations other than the southeast will be well below average temperatures for the first of the year.

Thanks for checking in and have a great rest of 2012 and New Year ahead!
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Northeast Snow Storm Summary, New Year’s Eve Midnight Forecast

Northeast Storm Summary

A major snow storm swept across the Northeast yesterday bringing in some impressive snow totals.  With this storm, now more than 99% of the region is covered in snow.  The only areas that aren’t covered in snow are portions of Cape Cod and the far eastern tip of Long Island.

Blue areas indicate snow depth. Map shows 99.3 percent of the Northeast covered in snow this morning.  Here is a selection of photos from the storm:

Snow coating Central Park where they only reported a trace of snow. Via @gigi_nyc on twitter.

 Picture from Magic Mountain Ski Area in Londonderry, VT where they reported 4 inches.

Pico Mountain, VT reported 13 inches!

Picture from the National Weather Weather Service New York of Upton, NY.


Picture from Twitter user @TheNamesHeidy of Willimantic, CT.

New Years Eve Forecast

The countdown is on to 2013!  Only one more full day left in the year.  Weather conditions for celebrations around the nation will range from 70s (Miami) to wind chills of -20 (Minneapolis). Check out other Midnight temperatures:

Clouds will build in across the Northeast but most areas will stay dry.  Temperatures stay fairly mild through the overnight hours.

After chilly morning today, temperatures as the clock strikes midnight on Monday night will be returning to a more tolerable level.  A comfortable 70s expected in Miami!

Showers and thunderstorms will be moving through the Southern Plains during the overnight hours.  Around midnight, that line may extend from the gulf coast of Texas to Central Louisiana.  Some of these storms may be strong enough to produce severe wind gusts with thunder and lightning.  A more natural light show may be occurring as storms roll through.

Bundle up!  Pink shaded areas indicate sub zero temperatures. But that’s only half the story.  Wind chill values in Minnesota and the Dakotas could be as long as 20 to 30 degrees below zero during the overnight hours.

Lots of sunshine expected through the early part of the week throughout the Northwest.  Clear, dry conditions will continue into the overnight hours providing for a nice break from the recent inundation of wet weather.

Plan on a messy mix of rain and snow in the Ohio River Valley.  Sloppy and slippery roads will make traveling around during the overnight hours dangerous.

Have a great New Year!

Gretchen Mishek

Snow Lingers in the Northeast, More Snow on the Way by New Year’s

Guntersville, AL
Thanks to @MainStormTower for the picture below out of Gunterville, AL
Duluth, MN
Thanks to my good friend Wanda Brandt for the picture below from Duluth, MN
Denali National Park, AK
Thanks to the Denali National Park, AK Facebook page for the picture below of the last full moon of 2012.
Noblesville, IN
Thanks to @samlgookins for the picture below of heavy snow falling in Noblesville, IN from this weekend’s snow event across the Ohio Valley.
Ohio Valley Snow Totals
Here are some of the highest snow tallies I could find from across the Ohio Valley.
More Snow in the Northeast
The image below shows all the winter headlines through AM Sunday. Snow totals of up to 12″ are possible in localized areas!
Northeast Snow Totals Thru Sunday
The RPM model suggests shovelable snow amounts for many in the Northeast through Sunday. The storm will deposit several inches of snow across parts of Maine.
Lingering NE Snow on Sunday
Here’s the weather map around midday Sunday. Lingering snow showers/flurries along with breezy northwesterly winds will allow for blowing and drifting snow through much of the day Sunday. There may even be a few lingering flight delays early Sunday.
More Snow on the Way
There another storm developing across the mid-section of the nation will have more shovelable snow potential for folks from Kansas to the Eastern Great Lakes by early next week. The NAM forecast brings up to 6″ possible around the Kansas City, MO area around the New Year. This forecast CAN and WILL change… stay tuned!
COLD New Year’s Forecast
It definitely looks like winter into the New Year. The extended forecast calls for a big Arctic blog to set up over the Hudson Bay through next week. Waves of this modified Arctic air will settle south of the international border by way of moisture starved clipper systems.

Highs on New Year’s Day

Highs From Normal on Tuesday
Take a look at how much colder than average high temperatures will be on Tuesday.

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Northeast Snow Storm, Cold Air Takes Over

Ohio Valley Storm Summary

Heavy snow fell across the Ohio Valley yesterday  This was not long after the same areas were hit were heavy snow early last week.  The view over the Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, OH.

Winter storm warnings were in effect from yesterday to early this morning.  Preliminary snow totals from Ohio:

Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri also reported some impressive totals including 8 inches in French Lick, Indiana.

Northeast Impact

This system now exits the Ohio Valley and slides through the northeast.  Models forecast even higher snow totals as it taps into Atlantic moisture. Snow will be falling through the day today in Pennsylvania so final numbers are not in yet but this is what was reported from the overnight hours and into this morning:

Radar imagery from this morning shows snow just starting to spread into Maine and extending south to the eastern edge of Kentucky.

The center of low pressure moves off the coast of Boston.  This allows for an easterly flow to develop across New England.

This will drive up the snow totals near the cape and locations around Providence and Boston may end up with some of the highest totals. For that reason, Winter Storm Warnings are in effect for the pink shaded counties along the coast stretching from Connecticut northward to the Canadian border.  Up to 8 inches of snow expected.

Skies gradually clear Sunday morning but a cooler air will be wrapping in from the north.  A few lingering snow showers possible by 7 Am tomorrow morning but accumulations will be minimal compared to today.  With snow expected to fall through most the day and into the overnight hours, especially across New England, travel delays at some of the major airports in the region are anticipated.

Showers Move Off Shore

Water levels running high near Oriental Harbor, NC.

On the south side of this same system, the precipitation has been falling as rain.  Rainfall totals over the past 24 show over an inch in Wilmington and Cape Hatteras.

As skies clear behind this system, temperatures are dropping.  The cooler air made its way down to Texas this morning with temperatures that are up to 22 degrees cooler than yesterday morning.

The colder air mass moves along the Gulf Coast and Freeze Watches have been issued for the blue shaded areas with morning lows down to 26 degrees tomorrow.

National Outlook

South Florida continues to be the hot spot across the the continental 48.  High of 84 today but as the cold front moves through today, a shift in the wind direction will drop those readings back into the mid 70s for tomorrow.  We’re continuing to watch the Pacific coast as the next storm system slides down California and shifts into the desert southwest.   This maybe the next big weather maker for the central plains coming in over the New Year’s holiday. Until then, bundle up!

Have a great weekend!

Gretchen Mishek

Much Colder End of the Year; Storm Track Active From Texas to New England

Take a look at this surviellance video from a Walgreens store out of Mobile, AL during the Christmas tornado outbreak. I’m SHOCKED that there weren’t as many fatalities as there could have been.






Updated Christmas Day Tornado Count


The Storm Prediction Center continues to update the tornado tally from the Christmas Day outbreak. The unfiltered PRELIMINARY reports are now up to 51!


Nationwide, at least 17 people died because of the ice, snow and wind. Deaths from wind-toppled trees also were reported in Texas and Louisiana, but car crashes caused most of the fatalities.”






2012 Tornado Count


Despite the recent flurry of tornado activity, 2012 will end well below the average annual tornado count. According to the SPC, as of December 27th, there were 1,111 tornado reports nearly 400 below the 7year average of 1530.






Top 10 Tornado Days of 2012


The Storm Prediction Center has a list of the top 10 tornado days of 2012… the most active days was March 2nd when 160 tornadoes were reported (actual 132).







Most Active Severe Weather Days of 2012


The information below from the SPC shows the top 10 most active severe weather days of 2012. Preliminary data from July 1st, 2012 had over 1,000 storm reports, a number that was refined to 737. Intense heat across the mid-section of the nation allowed for severe thunderstorms to develop on its northern periphery. These thunderstorms created long lived straight-line wind producing storms. Look at all the wind damage reports (in blue) from the Great Lakes to Florida! The other BIG day was June 29th.






Canada Blizzard


I thought this was kind of neat, it’s a time lapse of a blizzard out of Montreal Canada, which is north of Burlington, VT. This is from the same storm system that produced snow in Texas and the tornado outbreak earlier this week.






Air Travel Troubles?


Another winter storm/system is bearing down on the Northeast through the early weekend. It appears snow amounts won’t be quite as dramatic as they were this last week, but this will still be responsible for some travel troubles. The graphic below shows the winter weather headlines that have been posted through the weekend.





Northeast Snow Forecast


According to the RPM model, there is going to be a moderate swath of 2″ to 4″ with localized areas of 4″ to 8″ through the weekend.





Saturday Outlook


Here’s the weather map for PM Saturday, which shows the center of circulation south of New York, but there will be decent wind and snow across some busy places that may be more than just an inconvenience tro travelers. Moderate to heavy snow totals along with wind gusts close to 30mph will create problems on the ground and by air.






Cold Start to 2013



The forecast calls for a fairly cold star to 2013. Thanks to a big dip in the jet stream, cold air from the Arctic regions will continue to refrigerate much of the Lower 48 through the early part of 2013.






Cold Start to 2013



The extended forecast calls for a fairly cold start to 2013 across much of the nation. Here’s a look at the high temperature from normal forecast for Tuesday, January 1st, 2013… Brr!






Ringing in the New Year



If you have plans to be out and about through New Year’s Eve night, take a look at the forecast low temperatures for the night… Brr again! Make sure to bring the extra layer along to the ball, you’ll need it after the clock strikes midnight otherwise you’ll turn into a frozen pumpkin!






Thanks for checking in and have a great weekend ahead!



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